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Why Smitten?

  • The Fabric: Our lush fabrics are so soft you'll swear they fell from heaven. Available in a variety of brilliant colors, our Smitten Scrubs stay true to form and drape beautifully.
  • The Details: Smitten's unique details make every piece fashionable, whether you wear your scrubs for yourself or as part of a group.
  • The Fit: Smitten Scrubs are a legend in the making! Like your favorite rock star, Smitten Scrubs are effortlessly cool. They'll fit like a glove and feel like they were made just for you.
Smitten S101002 details Smitten S101002
Rock Goddess
Smitten S101005 details Smitten S101005
Knit Side Panels
Smitten S303008 details Smitten S303008
Tour Jacket
Smitten S201002 details Smitten S201002
Hottie Slim Fit
Smitten S201003 details Smitten S201003
AMP Cargo
Smitten S201004 details Smitten S201004
Tapered Pant
Smitten S201007 details Smitten S201007
Jogger Knit Waistband
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