Retailers have the ability to browse vendor catalogs and select the items they want to sell, EaglePOS automatically loads all Vendor data into your database for real-time viewing, including inventory levels, product descriptions and images. Eliminate the need to manually enter data and reduce errors. Update against vendor catalogs occur daily to ensure you have the latest data.

    Purchase Order Management Details:

  • Easly replenish stock levels using the auto-order feature to calculate orders from the minimum and maximum stock levels

  • Using the Dashboard, improve your inventory control with instant knowledge of your purchase order status—open, overdue and closed

  • Real-time current on hand, on order, receiving and in-transit information for all stores while generating a purchase order

  • Track Vendor PO Acknowledgements

  • Track Advanced Ship Notices

  • Create and manage Return to Vendor (RTV/RA)

  • Generate Purchase Orders (PO’s) from Customer Special Orders

  • When reorder points hit, automatically generate purchase orders and send to your vendors. Receive the inventory and the system automatically recalculates your inventory stock levels

  • Track Vendor PO Acknowledgements and shipments

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