Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a tedious task for retailers — you need to manually submit vital business documents, monitor EDI transactions, and worry about compliance. Through Eagle POS's partnership with the leading Suppliers using EDI services, all Eagle users have access to EDI portal allowing retail brands to streamline transactions with ease. EDI integration makes communication and business processes easy by standardizing the management of submitting business documents such as purchase orders (855), functional acknowledgment (855), advanced shipping notices (856), catalog updates (832), manufacture inventory levels (846) , and invoices (810). This integration helps you save time, money, and eliminates the risk of human data entry error.

The EDI Integration will help you:

  • Based on your vendor, you can browse vendor catalogs, select the products you want to sell, all from within Eagle POS

  • Inventory can be replenished based on min/max levels with automated purchase orders to your participating vendors communicate via EDI

  • Based on your vendor, Eagle will import products description/images into your catalog for review when creating POs for stock replenishment or Special Orders via EDI

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